Berenstain Bears co-creator, Stan Berenstain, dies

Link to CNN story. Stan Berenstain, who with his wife created the popular children’s books about the Berenstain Bears, has died. In more than 200 books, the Berenstain Bears, written and illustrated by Stan and Jan Berenstain, helped children for 40 years cope with trips to the dentist, eating junk food and cleaning their messy […]

Flu and asymptomatic infections

I’ve mentioned many times on here reservations I have over the current avian flu numbers–how many subclinical or mild infections are being missed? Are they indeed offset by the number of serious disease cases we’re also missing? There’s a reason for these questions, and it’s now out in electronic form in Clinical Infectious Diseases.

U of Iowa faculty petition against ID released

…and has spawned some press coverage, here in the Ames Tribune and here in the Cedar Rapids Gazette, making us the first state to have faculty from all Regent universities speak out against intelligent design. I’ll briefly address some of the comments. In the first article, U of I physics professor (and signer of the […]

Evolution of resistance–bacteria win again

Resistance to antibiotics has been a concern of scientists almost since their widespread use began. In a 1945 interview with the New York Times, Alexander Fleming himself warned that the misuse of penicillin could lead to selection of resistant forms of bacteria, and indeed, he’d already derived such strains in the lab by varying doses […]

Dramatic decrease in measles in Africa

Wonder what the anti-vaccination crowd makes of this? Measles cases and deaths fall by 60% in Africa since 1999 Largely due to the technical and financial support of the Measles Initiative and commitment from African governments, more than 200 million children in Africa have been vaccinated against measles and one million lives have been saved […]