Blogs of the Union

As mentioned over on Gene Expression, Radio Open Source has called for Blogs of the Union (BOTU), in preparation for tonight’s State of the Union address. I thought about it quite a bit last night, but couldn’t get anything down without being too depressed (and depressing). So instead, I’ll just cite a story in today’s […]

Quick! Save your kids from the liberal homosexual communists!

Oh man, Answers in Genesis shills to the most amusing people. I subscribe to their newsletter–partly to keep tabs on what they’re up to, partly for the entertainment value. They must sell their mailing list, because yesterday in the mail I received the most amusing brochure. It proclaims, “Students are risk! Adults at risk!”, asking […]

Luskin still doesn’t get it

I wrote up a critique of an article DI mouthpiece Casey Luskin wrote regarding avian influenza back in October. I don’t know whether Luskin ever read my post; at the time, trackbacks to the DI site weren’t working. But I’d guess I’m not the only one who pointed out the abundant mistakes in his article, […]

For the Iowa folks…

Just a reminder about this upcoming event at Iowa State University: Why Intelligent Design Is Not Science Robert M. Hazen is the Clarence Robinson Professor of Earth Science at George Mason University, and a scientist at the Carnegie Institution of Washington’s Geophysical Laboratory. He received his M.S. in geology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, […]

Why has rheumatic fever declined in the U.S.?

Speaking of chronic diseases caused by microbial agents, one of the earliest characterized of these is the group A streptococcus (Streptococcus pyogenes). In addition to causing acute diseases such as strep throat and scarlet fever, a wide range of post-infectious sequelae (complications that appear following resolution of infection) have been attributed to S. pyogenes. It […]