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As mentioned over on Gene Expression, Radio Open Source has called for Blogs of the Union (BOTU), in preparation for tonight’s State of the Union address. I thought about it quite a bit last night, but couldn’t get anything down without being too depressed (and depressing). So instead, I’ll just cite a story in today’s Des Moines Register that shows how Iowans view the state of the union.

A 61 percent majority of Iowans think the nation has gotten off on the wrong track, according to The Des Moines Register’s latest Iowa Poll. Nearly as large a segment of the state’s adults –59 percent — disapprove of the Republican president’s job performance on the day of his State of the Union address.

Bush also receives thumbs-down from a majority of Iowans on his handling of Iraq, immigration and other key issues. And a controversial domestic eavesdropping program sanctioned by the president has more critics than supporters in the state.


The proportion of Iowans who applaud Bush’s overall job performance has plummeted from a peak of 84 percent in the fall of 2001, following the terrorist attacks on American soil, to 37 percent in the latest Iowa Poll. While that figure is down just a point from early December, it’s the lowest approval mark of his presidency in the poll.

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