Other evolution news miscellania

PZ and Ed have both mentioned this NY Times article suggesting that Ohio’s about ready to cut out its cancer that are the Jon Wells-inspired “critical analysis of evolution” from their lesson plan. Richard Hoppe of Ohio Citizens for Science has been following the story over on Panda’s Thumb–for example, here and here most recently). I’ll be in Ohio later this week; hopefully some celebratin’ will be in order. Keep your eye on it.

Also from over at PT, Reed shares an interview with Massimo Pigliucci, who’s been holding Darwin Day celebrations since 1997 and helped to popularize them. Interesting stuff.

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  1. Celebrating is absolutely in order, Tara. It’s done: the benchmark, indicator, and lesson plan are all gone! And by a decisive vote, 11-4. Only the hardcore creationists (Cochran, Owens-Fink, Grady, and Westendorf) hung in to the bitter end. Woo hoo!!


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