Win in Ohio!

Oh yeah, baby–Richard has the dish over on Panda’s Thumb:

Ohio is no longer on the Disco Institute’s list of favorite states for pilgrimages. Late this afternoon, by an 11-4 vote, the Ohio State Board of Education stripped out the intelligent-design creationist “critical analysis of evolution” benchmark, indicator, and lesson plan from the 10th Grade Biology curriculum.

Tthe resolution had four main parts:

1. Eliminate the “critical analysis of evolution” benchmark and indicator from the Science Standards.

2. Eliminate the “Critical Analysis of Evolution” model lesson plan from the Model Curriculum..

3. Instruct the Achievement Committee (formerly the Standards Committee) to consider whether the benchmark, indicator, and lesson plan should be replaced with something more acceptable.

4. Instruct the Ohio Department of Education to notify every school district in Ohio of these actions.

Woo hoo! Congrats, and thanks to everyone who worked on this, and especially the folks from Ohio Citizens for Science. As Richard notes, it ain’t over, but it’s another step in the right direction.

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