Lest it be said that I shirk from dares…

One last picture and then that will probably be it for me today (too much to catch up on!) I mentioned here the ugliest childhood picture ever. Joseph over at Immunoblogging decided to call me out and double/triple/quadruple dare me to post the pic. Be warned: not every kid in glasses is cute. I don’t have a scanner handy, so I took a picture of the picture with my digital camera. I ain’t responsible for broken monitors and the like that may result…


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  1. Aw, c’mon. Cuteness abounds in the photo. As my dearly departed Grandma used to say about me, “Well, Hank, it ain’t where ya start, it’s where ya finish.”

    Barnes, H

  2. Oh, I don’t know. I think that’s pretty damn cute, to be honest.

    Will she be mad at you for posting the picture on the net?

    She’s a real doll with Chicken Pox.

  3. Uh-hum…

    Tara, I hate to interrupt, but I feel compelled to point out that I beat Mr. O’Donnell to punch in calling for the picture, by a good 21 minutes if my math is right…

    In my comment on the previous thread, I wrote:

    Tara, you know you want to post that picture… After all, you can never be objective about your own pictures. For a truly fair opinion, you need to let everyone see it. 😉

  4. Uh, Jim H, I suggest you brush up on your “how to speak female” studies — “It’s not horrible”? That can’t be said even in jest.

    So far I haven’t seen any pictures on this site that challenge the rule about kids in glasses being cute. If I were able to post my childhood picture, everyone would have to use an extra-wide monitor to get both of my ears on the screen. Unfotunately, I didn’t wear glasses.

  5. “GE–that’s me, when I was 7.” 🙂

    Really? Well, you sure were a doll when you were 7, and you still are?

    Your husband is a lucky man.


  6. I would have sworn that this and one of the pictures below were of the same girl, if I hadn’t noticed the difference in eyewear (well that and this picture looks sort of faded). By now it shouldn’t surprise me how much children look like their parents, but it still does, heh.

  7. Yeah, my daughter looks a lot like me–she has blonde hair and blue eyes (compared to my brown hair and hazel eyes), and her hair is straighter (mine is naturally curly), but other than that, my pics and hers look very similar. My son, too, is practically a carbon copy of his dad–blonde hair and blue eye color included.

  8. Uh, Jim H, I suggest you brush up on your “how to speak female” studies — “It’s not horrible”? That can’t be said even in jest.

    …I started to type a reply, but erased it because I was afraid of digging a deeper hole (I remember that from “how to speak female”). I doubt she was fishing for a compliment – she said it was “the ugliest childhood picture ever”. My point was that I’ve seen much worse.

    Ooops. Damn it, I have to get rid of this shovel.

  9. I have a pic at about that age where I’m wearing a red sweater vest and a tie just like the one Colonel Sanders wore. Strangely…I was blonde then, but have dark brown hair now.

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