Emerging diseases and zoonoses #5–Chikungunya

So far this week, I’ve mostly been talking in generalities–the introductions to the topic, or how the animals we eat or other types of human behavior can put us at greater risk for the emergence of such diseases. Today I want to talk about a more specific example: an ongoing outbreak of a virus called […]

Emerging disease and zoonoses #4–war and disease

I mentioned in part 2 of the introduction the role that war plays in the emergence and transmission of infectious disease. Accurate numbers are difficult to come by, but currently, it’s estimated that approximately 120 million people worldwide are affected in some way by conflict. In 2003, it was estimated that more than 72 countries […]

Evolution in the H.S. classroom

Saw this awhile ago on Science and Politics, but it keeps getting pushed down the line of my entries. See what a panel of high-schoolers has to say about creationism, intelligent design, and evolution. I guess it should be considered a small victory that at least the word “evolution” isn’t forbidden. *sigh*

Emerging disease and zoonoses #3–Bushmeat

From the Bushmeat Task Force: In Africa, forest is often referred to as ‘the bush’, thus wildlife and the meat derived from it is referred to as ‘bushmeat’. This term applies to all wildlife species, including threatened and endangered, used for meat including: elephant; gorilla; chimpanzee and other primates; forest antelope (duikers); crocodile; porcupine; bush […]