Calicivirus, schmalicivirus

I mentioned previously that a new virus had been found that’s associated with prostate cancer. Several ongoing studies are finding tons of new species of microbes, and we’re learning more about the diversity that is around us every day. And though most of these newly-discovered organisms won’t harm us, some just might. A new study […]

Introduction to emerging diseases and zoonoses, part 2

I’d like to continue the overview of emerging infectious diseases (part one is here) by discussing some reasons why diseases “emerge.” Obviously, this will be somewhat of a simplification; many diseases may emerge due to a combination of the topics mentioned below, or may have factors involved that I don’t mention, so these should be […]

It ain’t sexy–but mumps is big in Iowa

Sometimes amid all the news about H5N1, the “old and boring” diseases get overlooked, such as chickenpox and mumps. State health officials said they are concerned about a rare strain of virus behind an outbreak of 60 mumps cases in Iowa. Mary Gilchrist, director of the state’s University Hygienic Laboratory, said the genotype G strain […]

Emerging Disease and Zoonoses series

Part One: Introduction to Emerging Diseases and Zoonoses Part Two: Introduction to Emerging Diseases and Zoonoses continued Part Three: Bushmeat Part Four: War and Disease Part Five: Chikungunya Part Six: Avian influenza Part Seven: Reporting on emerging diseases Part Eight: Disease and Domesticated Animals Part Nine: The Emergence of Nipah Virus Part Ten: Monkeypox Part […]

Introduction to emerging diseases and zoonoses, part 1

So, I’m back from Atlanta. While there, I attended two back-to-back conferences. First, ICEID: International Conference on Emerging Infectious Diseases; second, ISEZ: International Symposium on Emerging Zoonoses. I thought I’d do a multi-part series this week discussing some of the highlights. To make sure everyone is on the same page, first I’ll discuss just what […]

More on the “math” in mathematical modeling

Over at Good math, bad math, Mark has a bit more on mathematical modeling. Before anyone screams “witch hunt,” please note: I’ll leave the science debate over at Aetiology, where it belongs. But there’s definitely a mathematical aspect to this. Professor Culshaw lends her authority as a mathematician to the HIV denialist folks. Does her […]