New H5N1 papers–the clue’s in the sugars

Actually being at a conference soaking up so much of this stuff means, alas, not nearly as much time as I usually spend during the week actually reading the new literature in many of the areas I write about. Over at Effect Measure, as usual, they help to make up for that, by commenting on two new papers in Science and Nature that give one potential reason why human-to-human transmission isn’t occurring yet–but Revere notes it’s not quite that simple.

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Money quote

Via Stranger Fruit:

Unlike mathematical theorems, scientific results can’t be proved. They can only be tested again and again until only a fool would refuse to believe them.

Go at it

So, I moved the malaria entry to another post–since all the comments focused on Culshaw’s post (noted in the first comment below), might as well have a more focused discussion on it. I’ll be back tomorrow with a somewhat related post, but until then, feel free to chat amongst yourselves.

Dunk malaria day

Yesterday, as mentioned previously, was Dunk Malaria day. I’m on the road today in cold ‘n’ gloomy Atlanta so pardon the delay, but coturnix has a collection of posts here regarding the topic. Just spent much of the morning hearing about new strategies to control vectors (aimed mostly at dengue, but some ideas could extend to malaria as well) and learning about new malaria drugs (and resistance to old ones), so perhaps I’ll be able to put up an overview later in the week. I’m away until Friday, so blogging this week will likely be rather sporadic.

Computer builds virus

This is too cool.

One of the world’s most powerful supercomputers has conjured a fleeting moment in the life of a virus. The researchers say the simulation is the first to capture a whole biological organism in such intricate molecular detail.

The simulation pushes today’s computing power to the limit. But it is only a first step. In future researchers hope that bigger, longer simulations will reveal details about how viruses invade cells and cause disease.

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