Saturday roundup

More topics I’d have covered this week, given endless time and energy: An update on the Chikungunya outbreak I discussed here (and see this comment on the outbreak from a medical entomologist in the region dealing with it first-hand). Orac on viruses as cancer treatment, inspired by a recent episode of House (more episode reviews […]

Nanotechnology primer

Nanotechnology. What does it mean to you? How does it affect health? Does the phrase only conjure up images of Crichton-esque nanobots with a sinister motive? Nanotechnology is a field defined solely by its size. By definition, it involves the manufacture and manipulation of materials at the atomic or molecular level–materials which are typically less […]


Check out an all-new Carnival of Education and Tangled bank (oooh, Star Wars theme!). Finally, don’t forget about next week’s Animalcules, to be hosted over at Discovering Biology in a Digital World. Send submissions to me or Sandra (sandy at geospiza dot com) next Wednesday, May 3rd. Additionally, if you’re interested in hosting, drop me […]

Emerging Disease and Zoonoses #13–new swine influenza virus detected

Novel Swine Influenza Virus Subtype H3N1, United States In several of my influenza posts, I’ve discussed ways that the viruses can evolve. These are termed “antigenic drift,” where the virus accumulates small mutations in the RNA genome; and antigenic shift, where large sections of the genome are swapped, generally in their entirety. While it was […]