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  1. Hahaha…Tara, I’m sure you’ll make the list soon.

    Sadly for me, these are mostly guys. I *did* once have long hair and aspire to be an organic chemist – maybe my midlife crisis is to try to recapture that aspect of my 20s.

  2. I am a Male Scientist/Female Scientist
    Looking for a Male Scientist/Female Scientist/Any Scientist
    For Field Work/Book Research/Lab Sessions/Computer Simulation

    My Darwinism is Traditional/Dawkins/Gould/Other
    I am a Reductionist/Anti-Reductionist
    My favourite Sci-Fi author is Asimov/Clarke/Ellison

    I’m prepared for Dative Bonding: Yes/No

  3. Bugger – I’ve just cut my luxurient flowing locks – they’re out in the garden at the monment for the birds to use as nesting material.
    Tara has alaready been nominated as a ‘sexy scientist’ on the UK’s ‘Badscience’ blog – (which is currently being spammed out of existance unfortunately):


    ‘skepchick’ looks like fun too!


  4. The hot scientist blog is a brilliant idea. Now all someone needs to do is put together a hot philosophers site. Then I would be in hot geeky heaven.

  5. If I weren’t trying to maintain anonymity, I might just self-promote there. However, I’m too paranoid to go linking my blog to my photos or professional page.

  6. Congratulations, Tara, for being nominated and accepted by thesexyscientist. I might add that I seconded you as a “habanero-level assistant professor” on coturnix’s comment thread, for what it’s worth. All this from two old(er) married guys with kids.

    Your public health writing is superb and it really doesn’t hurt that you might also get attention for being attractive. My (beautiful) wife says that it certainly opens doors, but you’ve got to have substance for recognition and respect to be sustainable. In fact, I’ve wondered how best to guide my attractive female students, many of whom have been quite brilliant. I’ve heard that some get beat down, even at the faculty level, by fellow women (is that an oxymoron?) who demean their intelligence and just say they are successful because the still-patriarchal science structure panders to beautiful women. Why do women do this to each other?

    If you haven’t done it already, I’d appreciate a post on how male lab supervisors can best mentor their female trainees who just happen to be “hotties.” It doesn’t seem to be a problem with male students who are “hunks.”

  7. Abel,

    Interesting. I’ve really never thought much about looks as either a burden or a boon, and luckily never dealt with any overt bias one way or the other from either men or women. But I’m also kinda oblivious and tend to be a bit naive, so maybe I’ve just not noticed it–it’s certainly not something I’ve given a lot of consideration to one way or the other. I’ll ponder…

  8. Hey, sexy isn’t all about hair! While these aren’t scientists (I don’t know too many scientists by sight), consider Jesse Ventura, Patrick Stewart, or the formerly “Stone Cold” Steve from Jerry Springer! 😉

  9. Consider yourself nominated for the LFHCfS.

    I would join myseld, but the only way my hair flows is off my scalp and into the plughole.


  10. “Excellent! I just found a former colleague! Sadly, still a guy :-(”

    I’m not sure that came out as you intended.

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