Mentos, the fizz maker

I am soooo going to show this trick to my kids.

Candy + pop + science = perfect combination. Even better than sparking wintergreen lifesavers. (And this one doesn’t involve blowing up stuff that could actually, y’know, really harm you).

And finally, since I’ve not participated in poetry pimpin’ at Scienceblogs yet, I offer an ode to Mentos on this, the closing day of National Poetry Month:

A Mentos Poem
by Rachel from Michigan

What can I say about Mentos,
They make my life complete.
They taste nothing like pimentos,
And is why I will eat…….them.

(More about the experiment on Steve Spangler Science).

6 Replies to “Mentos, the fizz maker”

  1. This is off-topic, but I know how you just love just-so stories.

    Evolution of laughter

    Evolutionary biologists have traced the origins of laughter back four million years to pre-humans slipping and stumbling in their first faltering attempts to walk on two legs…

  2. This is great! I loved that first movie there, where the poor TV woman got all soaked and he kept popping more and more bottles anyway, while profusely apologizing to her and calling her a mess! Hillarious!

  3. a. note to self: stop at store for Mentos ‘n’ Diet Coke on the way home
    b. another, much less widely known source of eerie flashes of light: get some of those nose-holder-openers, Breathe Right I think…when, in the dark, you pull open the little paper packet holding each strip it flashes green!
    c. the above-linked article is nonsense. Humar began with farts.

  4. Space dust and coke works great as well. British comedians Adam & Joe did a smaller scale “experiment” using a prone Adam’s mouth as a test tube.

  5. that is the best poem i have ever heard but if mentos is your life well then so be it hehe maybe you should get a life if mentos is your life

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