Seed question of the week: justify my gloves

You’ve probably seen this floating around the other Seed blogs this week: Since they’re funded by taxpayer dollars (through the NIH, NSF, and so on), should scientists have to justify their research agendas to the public, rather than just grant-making bodies? I’m late to the game, but like others, my answer is “no”–with caveats. Elaboration […]

Emerging Disease and Zoonoses #15–Clostridium species

Species of the bacterium Clostridium have long been a scourge of humans. They are gram-positive, spore-forming bacteria that can be found in the soil around all of us. The spores then germinate when exposed to anaerobic conditions. Clostridium botulinum is the cause of botulism, a serious and potentially fatal paralytic illness often caused by ingestion […]

Something a little bit different

I write a lot on here about evolution, and more about epidemiology. A recent article in Emerging Infectious Diseases discusses a unique combination of the two: 2,500-year Evolution of the Term Epidemic. I’ve said before that I’m about the farthest thing from a language scholar you can find, but it’s an interesting article tracking how […]