Sunday roundup

Or Saturday roundup, belated. Some interesting stories I didn’t have time to cover:

The HPV vaccine, aimed at reducing the incidence of cervical cancer, has moved a step closer to approval.

The Institute of Medicine calls for more research into and oversight of vitamin supplements.

Continuing debate over “The Hobbit.”

New research might eventually bring breathalyzers to your doctor’s office. Not necessarily for alcohol.

An interesting study of experimental evolution: selecting for heat-tolerant bacteria over 1500 generations.

Yet another use for bacteriophage: diagnosis of infectious bacteria.

Evolution of “altruism” in bacteria.

An interesting article on methane and the origin of life.

3 Replies to “Sunday roundup”

  1. Hey, the sage Nancy Hokkanen, paragon of scientific sophistication, has turned her attention to you:

    “Tara C. Smith writes with a glib flipness that will ensure she always remains an assistant.”

    Thank goodness we have smart people like Nancy to tell us what’s what. Obviously, she knows more than all those folks with fancy letters after their names.

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