Chikungunya update

I feel a bit guilty. I still get occasional comments on this post about the outbreak of chikungunya on several islands in the Indian Ocean. Since I’m obviously not involved in the actual outbreak investigation, all I have to offer is news reported elsewhere–and it’s not exactly been a landslide of information. However, Nature does […]

Bazell says “quit whining”

NBC’s science and health correspondent, Robert Bazell, has an opinion piece today on MSNBC: Stop whining about intelligent design. Scientists should stop whining about threats to the teaching of evolution and spend more time discussing values. I should note here that most of the piece is strongly supportive of teaching evolution. Bazell presents a very […]

Obesity and your microbes

Razib mentioned here an article in the Boston Globe “which profiles researchers who suggest that variation in gut flora (the mix of bacteria) might be the cause of differences in body weight.” The comments are somewhat skeptical, and I started to write a comment on the topic but it became a bit unweildly–so I’ve added […]