From the “gee, no kidding?” files…

… Poverty and poor health are intertwined, experts say So, yeah, the headline is a no-brainer, but the article is worth reading and makes many good points–and notes that fewer and fewer of us can say that “poverty doesn’t affect us”: An analysis of poverty rates and health published in the September issue of The […]

Cervical cancer, vaccines, and jackalopes

Yesterday’s New York Times had an excellent story on the discovery of the human papilloma virus as the cause of cervical cancer, and ultimately, the development of a vaccine against it. It’s also a good lesson in how, while solid evidence triumphs over anecdotes, even folk stories can be useful in ultimately pointing to a […]

Wells’ Politically Incorrect Guide on Lysenkoism–chapter review up at PT

Mark Perakh reviews yet another chapter of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design. In this particular chapter, Wells argues that “Lysenkoism is now rearing its ugly head in the US, as Darwinists use their government positions to destroy the careers of their critics.” Obviously, Perakh disagrees, and shows how Wells has again […]

The gulf coast–one year after Katrina

Tomorrow marks the first anniversary of the landfall of Hurricane Katrina. coturnix and others are collecting strories from around the blogosphere on the aftermath in New Orleans and elsewhere; the cleanup effort (still ongoing, barely begun in some areas); rebuilding (likewise; lagging far behind where even many pessimists thought it would be by this time); […]