Using a bad virus to do something good

If you’re interested in biology and not reading Sandra Porter’s Discovering Biology in a Digital World, you should be. As she notes in her profile, her passion is “developing instructional materials for 21st century biology,” and it shows–she provides all kinds of little online experiments you can run yourself, even with minimal knowledge of molecular […]

Seed AIDS video

Seed’s Jacob Klein has a video up from his time at the AIDS conference last week: link. It includes short interviews with Kay and Rick Warren, evangelical Christians and founders of Saddleback Church, the grandaddy of all mega-churches. (Warren is also the author of The Purpose-Driven Life, which I’ve admittedly not read). It’s interesting to […]

Some good news about sex

Most of the stories I blog about here regarding sex (and sexually-transmitted infections) have bad news to offer. People are still poorly educated about STDs, or worse, actively misinform to try to scare people away from sex. Admittedly, good news about sexual issues are few and far between, but there actually have been a few […]

Intro to Jon Wells’ “Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and ID” at Panda’s Thumb

Check it out here. I mentioned previously that I’ll be reviewing another chapter of the book in the future, and PZ has a write-up of the chapter on developmental biology here (that will be posted to Panda’s Thumb in the coming days), and he also has some suggestions here on how bloggers can help make […]

Emphasis on science and the general public at IAS

The Iowa Academy of Science has released its summer newsletter online, and is available here (.pdf). There’s a lot going on for scientists and the science-interested at all levels (students, teachers, researchers), so for the Iowa folks (or, those of you in other states who are just looking for some good ideas), if you’ve not […]