I was never the prom queen type, anyway

So, the buzz on ScienceBlogs today is science blogger hot or not. It cracks me up that a few people have mentioned me and thanks y’all, but I was always more comfortable with my identity as a quiz bowl nerd anyway (and apparently a picture on technorati was the inclusion criteria, which I never bothered with). Plus, I hear Shelley weilds a mean scepter…

And just an FYI…heading to a three-day conference on virulence mechanisms in bacterial pathogens tomorrow and have grant deadlines next week (in addition to teaching duties), so science-heavy posting will likely be sparse until later in the month. I have a lot of interesting topics in the queue, but haven’t had the time to give them the consideration they deserve.

6 Replies to “I was never the prom queen type, anyway”

  1. Professor Smith, I have always fancied you as the hottest female science blogger, regardless of photo requirement on Technorati. Our colleague, Ms. Batts, is certainly worthy, but I beg that we consider how she might possibly maintain her hotness when she is at your lofty academic position. Just like in bowling, we should get handicap points for our age and position in the academicsphere, right?

    Thank god that Nick beat PZ on the boy side. Hell, who wouldn’t vote for our dear Nick?

  2. Ah, you forget we’re all nerds too. And isn’t Quiz Bowl like a nerd prom anyways? Oh look! The prom queen crown is chemical structure of estrogen!

    Or is that PCB?

    That’s hot.

  3. Hey, where were all you hot nerdy girls when I was a decidedly un-hot nerdy guy in high school? And college? And medical school? And residency?

    The very idea that you can have a hot science chick concept dulls the appreciation for what a rara avis that is.

    I did eventually find a hot nerdy girl to marry, though. So all’s well that end’s well.

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