Anthrax attack anniversary

David over at Orcinus has an excellent post reminding about the anniversary of the that passed largely without mention, and its stark contrast to the anniversary of 9/11.

…today also marks the fifth anniversary of the terrorist attacks that followed — the anthrax letters mailed to a variety of media figures and liberal senators, killing five people and convulsing the nation with fear of similar attacks elsewhere for several weeks afterward.

But there are no network specials planned. No wreath-laying by the president. No ABC docudramas blaming the Clinton administration with made-up sequences. No discussion of the implications of these attacks in the “war on terror.”

He concludes:

It’s not, as I’ve said before, that domestic terrorism should be the focus of our anti-terrorist program. Rather, the failure to focus on it at all, to give it any kind of serious role in the “war on terror,” leaves us vulnerable in a way that also reveals the incoherence of our antiterrorism policy.

After all, the killer who had the entire nation on edge in the wake of 9/11, like Osama bin Laden himself, is still at large. And it is equally telling that no one in the Bush administration seems to consider finding either of them a significant priority.

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