Iowa Update Update–Nussle speaks out against ID in schools

Yesterday’s Ames Tribune, the paper that originally carried Republican lieutenant governor candidate Bob Vander Plaats’ comments supporting the teaching of intelligent design in schools contained an article noting Republican governor candidate Jim Nussle’s dismissal of Vander Plaats’ position:

Iowa/Vander Plaats update

I mentioned the situation with Lieutenant Governor candidate Bob Vander Plaats and his support of intelligent design last week (posts here and here). A group of us have put together an editorial discussing Vander Plaats’ position and why it matters to Iowa voters (letter and signatories can be found here at the Iowa Citizens for […]

The failure of alternative medicine

I previously blogged an editorial by NBC medical correspondent Robert Bazell, where he told scientists to “quit whining” about intelligent design and instead work on teaching “values.” While I agreed with him there on the science (he made it clear he gave no respect to “intelligent design” and other types of creationism), his suggestion that […]

Lax vaccination requirements = more pertussis

Orac has an excellent post discussing the rise in pertussis (“whooping cough”) in many areas, and its correlation with easier exemption from mandatory vaccination (using a “personal belief” exemption in addition to a religious exemption, for example). I’ve written about pertussis previously, and a problem is that the vaccine effectiveness quickly wanes, so that adults […]

Viruses may influence memory

Regular readers know an interest of mine are infections that cause more than just the typical acute spectrum of disease. For example, I’ve written on the role microbes might play in obesity, or the role of viruses in chronic disease such as cancer and, of course, AIDS. Still, typically, infections are thought of as acute […]

Return from the dead

Apologies for the radio silence, so to speak. October has been a killer month for me and November won’t be that much better, but I’ll work on getting back to posting on a regular basis, including a new post for tomorrow. In the meantime, a few things to check out: Mike on treating strep throat […]