Not your typical high school fundraiser

“Sheesh, kids today” generally is a phrase said to malign the young’ins, who are typically characterized as slothful video game junkies. This stereotype ticked me off when I was a teenager (ah, back in the day…) and I’m sure some teenagers today feel the same way. So just to help combat that for “kids today,” I want to highlight this fundraiser started by two high schoolers, and being spread around on MySpace and other venues: Dollars for Darfur.

We started Dollars for Darfur because we got tired of waiting for others to change the world. Dollars for Darfur is a national high school fundraising effort to stop the ongoing genocide in Darfur. Half of the money raised will fund humanitarian efforts for Darfuri refugees and the other half will fund the advocacy efforts of the Save Darfur Coalition. We believe high school students can help end this genocide.

You can help us spread the word. We are using Facebook and MySpace to organize fundraising events at high schools around the country. We hope you and your friends will join us in showing the people of Darfur that we care.

Nick Anderson & Ana Slavin
Northfield Mount Hermon School

If you have high school-age kids, you might want to mention it and see if their school is involved. I’m going to check at my local district as well.

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