Ain’t dead yet

Apologies for the blog silence again this week. Last week was a bit crazy and I’m still catching up for it. I have a write-up of last weekend’s evolution and intelligent design conference on the way, but before I attended that, I met up quickly for drinks and conversation with a few other Sciencebloggers. Left to right, The Intersection’s Chris Mooney, Evil Monkey of Neurotopia, me, and Orac of Respectful Insolence.

8 Replies to “Ain’t dead yet”

  1. LOL Speaking of dead, dont worry about us, we’re entertaining ourselves beating a dead horse.


    What are we up to? 600 comments now? lol!

  2. I’ve heard that women find men more attractive if they are near a woman who is smiling. I’m not a very good judge of men, generally, but, by this standard, Chris, Evil, and Orac look pretty good in this image.

    Apparently, men don’t use social cues from other men to judge women. So, you’d look just as good in the same picture, but with the guys cropped off.

    Is Orac smiling? I’m having a hard time reading his facial expression.

  3. I think the correct answer is that there’s almost no good quality evidence that Orac is smiling. I, however, suspect publication bias might be causing good quality evidence of Orac’s smiling to remain unpublished.

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