Why do I blog?

So, this “why do you blog> meme is apparently making the rounds here at Scienceblogs and elsewhere. Reading the other responses, I realized this is something I’ve discussed in interviews and with friends and others, but I can’t recall writing about here. So, in case anyone is interested in the whole sordid tale, I’ll put a bit about how and why I got into blogging after the jump.
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Yes, the government can still enforce quarantine & isolation

I’ve given a few talks recently on pandemic influenza. This topic of isolation and/or quarantine hasn’t come up frequently during the question-and-answer period, but almost every time I’ve had someone approach me after the talk to ask about it (since I mention it briefly during the presentation). It seems to be something that really concerns people, and it’s a difficult topic. No one wants someone out spreading a deadly disease that could kill you or your loved ones, but at the same time, no one wants to be locked away from their loved ones if they’re potentially dying from a deadly disease, either. It’s a difficult scenario and there are no easy solutions. However, it’s my impression that the general public probably hasn’t been exposed to this potential controversy very frequently, so I wanted to highlight a recent example of just what could happen:
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