More XDR-TB news–other travel, patient information

Just popping in quickly after I saw Klearchos’ comment on the updated tuberculosis post. He notes on his website that the CDC has released additional travel information about the XDR-TB infected patient, including shorter flights made within Europe in addition to the intercontinental flights. However, Klearchos notes: …there is a big “hole” in the information […]

A few must-read posts

Today is the kids’ last day of school, and just happens to be an early dismissal as well, so I’ll be busy with them and not tied to the computer this morning/afternoon. However, there are tons of good things to read elsewhere. First, Orac has a long-awaited update on the Tripoli Six: the group of […]

Waxing indignant: pointless?

In the comments to the XDR-TB update post, Scott suggested that bloggers were putting too much emphasis on whether the TB patient was stupid/arrogant/self-centered/whatever, and later that “waxing indignant is pointless.” I started this as a response to those comments, but thought instead it might be an interesting conversation–is it pointless? Certainly indignation about this […]

XDR-TB travels around the globe, update: broader implications of one man’s jaunt

I blogged earlier about the Georgia man who globe-trotted while infected with XDR-TB. I wrote that post late Tuesday evening, and since then, a number of other details about his case have come to light–and they’re not encouraging. In fact, this serves as a nice example of a convergence of a number of areas I’ve […]

Reporting on the Creation Museum…it all makes sense now

As a native Ohioan and longtime creationist watcher, of course I’m morbidly fascinated with (and dismayed by) the opening of the new Creation Museum just outside of Cincinnati. I’m not going to give a full response to its ridiculous “science;” others have done that across the blogosphere (collected by PZ here). However, you may have […]

Microbes on a plane

I blogged back in March about World TB day, the theme of which was “TB anywhere is TB everywhere.” We know that someone can simply hop on a plane halfway across the world, and be practically anywhere else on the globe in the span of about a day–and their bacteria and viruses are just along […]

“Intelligent design” the world actually needs

Scanning today’s New York Times, I ran across this article on designing for the world’s poor, which isn’t really an issue I’d spent much time considering previously. From the article: “A billion customers in the world,” Dr. Paul Polak told a crowd of inventors recently, “are waiting for a $2 pair of eyeglasses, a $10 […]

Waiting for antivirals

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, I reviewed the HIV/AIDS chapter in Tom Bethell’s book, “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Science.” I discussed his characterization of AIDS in Africa: As the chapter title suggests, Bethell claims that AIDS in Africa is a made-up epidemic; AIDS is really due to simple malnutrition […]