The perils of being a night owl

Last year, I mentioned some ongoing research suggesting a link between exposure to light and the development of breast cancer. As I mentioned then: While we know a good deal about factors that can contribute to breast cancer risk–including genetics (such as mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes) and lifestyle choices (late or no […]

The things women do for beauty–or, beware the bikini wax

Women do some rather insane things to achieve modern standards of beauty. We wear shoes that do terrible things to our feet. We don bras that dig into our chest and push our breasts into strange conformations. We slide on pantyhose to firm our stomachs, makeup to hide our imperfections, and hair dye to diminish […]


Blogging will probably be light this week; while I was in Ohio a week ago for a happy event, this weekend was much the opposite, and I’ll be out of town part of the week at a memorial service. In the meantime, though, I got tagged (twice!) with a meme that I’ve already seen pop […]

Creation museum—more posts from the gang

I mentioned that a whole group of us went to the Creation Museum in Kentucky. Professor Steve Steve has his account now up at the Thumb, while Jason Rosenhouse has a two-parter at EvolutionBlog, and Wes Elsberry’s account is here. Oh, and a group picture: Rear, L to R: Evil Monkey, Richard Hoppe (“RBH”), Wes […]

Campaign against HIV/AIDS denial featured in Science

While I was out last week, I completely missed this Science article all about HIV denial and the website, and features frequent commenter Richard Jeffreys: For 20 years, a small but vocal group of AIDS “dissenters” has attracted international attention by questioning whether HIV causes the disease. Many AIDS researchers from the outset thought […]

Just a few more links regarding scientists and journalists…

Seems like this discussion is starting to wind down, but I did see a few additional posts that I haven’t linked yet: Janet, Josh, Bora, doc-in-training, and Melinda Barton. As with the previous posts, lots of good ideas (from both the scientist and the journalist points of view). [Edited to add yet another one I […]

University of Iowa selects a new president

Sally Mason Named University Of Iowa’s 20th President. Interesting. A female biologist, currently Provost at Purdue: During her tenure at Purdue, Mason invested both professionally and personally in diversity and innovative research and education. She raised funds for and implemented a number of major diversity initiatives at Purdue, including creation of a Native American education […]