*sniff* They grow up so fast…

Seems like just yesterday that I was watching (from afar) Ewen head off to grad school in journalism. Well, now he’s making a splash in the latest issue of Nature, with a story on the potential for a dengue vaccine, and why there may be more of a market for it currently–largely because it’s becoming a disease of the wealthy. Check out his Nature article, and read more over at Complex Medium.

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  1. Oh, that’s great! I didn’t know he was at Nature now! I’m so out of the loop. I love Ewan’s blog and have it bookmarked somewhere under a “people who went to grad school and abandoned their blogs but might come back and I need to check later” category. (It has a shorter name, though) But I forgot to check back, because I myself got too busy with my own grad school.

  2. Ooh, trident, has the Scovill family also suffered with dengue fever? Do they have many of cases of this mosquito born infection in Southern California?

    Trust me, it is not something you can ignore. I went through the aptly nicknamed “bone-break fever” as a kid in Venezuela. The un-lovely thing about it is that having it and surviving does not give you any kind of immunity.

    A vaccine for dengue fever is a good thing. I guess I should go to my local library to read that issue of Nature.

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