My hometown…

…is underwater.

FINDLAY, Ohio – Hundreds of Ohio residents remained flooded out of their homes Thursday as some rivers continued to rise, while forecasters had bad news for the state and other parts of the Midwest: expect more storms and even a taste of the heat wave baking the South.


In Findlay, Ohio, firefighters and a volunteer armada navigated boats and canoes through streets waist-deep in water on Wednesday, plucking neighbors and their pets from porches. Every downtown street and many neighborhoods were under water as the Blanchard River topped 7 feet above flood stage, its highest level since a 1913 flood.

Though northwest Ohio has been the focus of many of these stories, cities around the midwest are flooded, including a few here in Iowa. Luckily we’re just soggy here in my neck of the woods, although if we go much longer without a rainless day, my poor dogs are going to be lost in the tall grass in my yard that I’ve been unable to mow with the rain and travel…

4 Replies to “My hometown…”

  1. Did all the people of Findlay vote Jesus Christ out of their city, like the people of Dover did, or is Gods just very, very poor at GPS location?

    See Tara – It’s DRY humor.. it’s GOT to help dry things up, right?

    But seriously, I hope your old friends and family are all okay. I have not heard from my people about the Maumee, so I think T-Town’s still there.

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