New (as yet unnamed) Ebola strain found in Uganda

Since its discovery, only a few countries have really been affected by Ebola. The virus has surfaced multiple times in the Democractic Republic of Congo, in Sudan, in Gabon, and now in Uganda. This country was last hit (and hit hard) by Ebola in 2000, when an outbreak there caused at least 425 cases, and […]

How far does religious freedom extend when it conflicts with public health?

Over at Correlations, I have a post up describing the case of a Liberian immigrant who’s been jailed in New York for the importation of bushmeat. She’s arguing that to punish her for this is in violation of her first amendment right to freedom of religion. More at the link…

The Discovery Institute’s a-comin’ to Iowa

Like the gift that never stops giving, the Discovery Institute is taking its dog and pony show on the road, and heading right here to Iowa in order to plead (via press conference) Discovery Institute fellow Guillermo Gonzalez‘s case for tenure. You may recall the Iowa State assistant professor of astronomy was denied tenure there […]

“Tree man” diagnosis and treatment upsets Indonesian health minister

Revere has been covering the situation in Indonesia regarding sharing of influenza viruses with the US and other countries. For those of you who don’t follow these issues, Indonesia has been the country hardest hit thus far by H5N1 (113 cases and 91 deaths as of 11/12/07). However, while one might think they would welcome […]

Of jackalopes and tree men–and the virus they have in common

It still amazes me sometimes what viruses are capable of doing. I’ve written a number of times about one virus in particular, the human papilloma virus (HPV). This is the virus implicated in cervical cancer, and it also plays a role in head and neck cancers. There are a number of different strains of HPV–some […]

A study in contrasts

Two recent stories highlight the good and the bad when it comes to infectious disease prevention. The good Death rates for vaccine-preventable diseases are at an all-time low: The study, by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, and published in The Journal of the American Medical Association (link), is the first time […]