…my grad students.

My spring semester course is on infectious causes of chronic disease, looking at the role various infections play in cancer, autoimmune disease, mental illness, and other chronic conditions. Since I’ve often discussed the importance of having scientists communicate with the public, I decided to assign each of them to write 2 blog posts for the course, discussing anything of relevance to the course. Their first round of assignments was due last week, and I’ll be posting them beginning on Monday. Constructive comments on their posts are appreciated, but keep in mind that they’re students doing this as an assignment and still learning. Finally, these posts are the students’ own; I’m formatting them for publication here, but beyond that their words (and opinions!) are their own.

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  1. I’ll look forward to this series and hope to learn something.

    With a bit of luck, perhaps we’ll get something on a pet interest of mine at the moment, the Epstein-Barr virus.

  2. They’ll be getting a heavy dose of Shyh Ching Lo from me, they need it, to get some real education in their lives……….

  3. Why do insist on denying young scientists the right to learn the work of the Militarys highest ranking infectious disease pathologist Shyh Ching Lo MD PHD work and the work of Garth and Nancy Nicolson?

    Lo was able to to do what the virus hunters that gave us HIV and Hepatatis C were never able to do, take pictures of the microbe mycoplasma incognitus/penetrans rotting the patients organs and induce disease in experimental animals, he also ruled it to be the cause of death of several fatal acute illnesses.

    The Nicolsons have already found that this microbe has spilled over into the general population, its in half of CFS/FMS patients. Why are you going to deny young scientists from at least learning about the evidence? Do you think its a joke for people infected with this microbe to rot and not recieve adequate treatment?

    Did it ever occur to you that they might be very interested in it? Of course you’ll resort to censorship, when I have superior arguments. Read Closely Lo’s work on Mycoplasma incognitus/penetrans, he was able to see EM pictures of this microbe rotting the patients organs, and induce disease in monkeys and mice, this has never been done for HPV, HIV etc.

  4. I provide pictures of a microbe rotting patients organs, induction of disease in lab animals, and you respond with a cartoon, that speaks for itself.

  5. Welcome, Tara’s apprentices! I look forward to seeing your posts. The trolls here are of the nastier variety, but if they’re the worst thing you have to deal with, I’d say you’re coming out ahead.

  6. If cooler et al post an on-topic comment that’s not just an additional advertisement for his mycoplasma rantings, I’ll happily leave it stand. The one I removed was simply more of the same he’s posted again and again and again. I let him litter the other threads with his garbage, but I won’t let him do it to these.

    Posted by: Tara C. Smith | February 25, 2008 8:44 PM

    Tara, dont be so insecure, your just jealous because you know deep inside that your a second rate hack scientist that couldnt come close to matching Dr. Lo’s work, not to mention all the other scientists at the Armed forces of Pathology that you badmouth without any intellectual merit or justification, because you have no moral values at all, or scientific sense for that matter.

    You make me sick. You are so stupid you dont even have a cursory understanding of microbiology, ie microbes that are visual in patients rotting organs and induce disease in lab animals are more of a threat than those that dont, as koch stated years ago.

    You’ve also badmouthed many other scientists who want more awareness of this microbe such as Montagnier and the Nicolsons. I tried to be nice, but your disgusting unprovoked ad hominem attack against me needed a response.

    Go ahead and delete all my posts including this one couldnt care less, dont plan on using this blog anymore anyways for all the smart people left like Dr. Brown, Dr Maniotis MEC etc. left.

    Youre on record as insulting the hundereds of thousands of people infected with this microbe that have been misdiagnosed with CFS etc, thats really nice of you! Have a nice life, cooler is done with this blog for good, good riddance, I will only post here more if people continue to badmouth me.

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