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  1. Word is that Dawkins is scheduled for an appearance on Bill Maher’s show soon. If taping did not take place before last night, he could have an interesting story to tell.

  2. HA! Once again, the unholy assault of PZ Myers (et al) has been repelled! Yes, Myers hoist by his own petard! No more plundering and pillaging of the innocent and gullible for him! No more casting of doubts and funneling the Unbeliever’s evolutionary lies. No more spinning untruths and half-facts into mere lamentable theories! After all, the only facts are the facts!!

    HE has been relegated to an AUDIENCE of NONE at the margins of the Mall! He has been Expelled! He must now cease and desist from his arrogant SUPPRESSION of the debate! Does he not see the delicious irony of his situation?!

    Poor, dull Darwinist! Poor man! One can lead an Intelligent Design to knowledge, but one cannot make it think!

    Mark Witt

    Intelligent Design,
    Institute of Theory
    New Haven, CT

    P.S. Anyone with doubts regarding the quality of the above great Irony should consult the great Professor F. Skiff. Could Princeton be more proud of such a man – I think NOT – only Newton could have been his equal! As an ISCID Fellow, he clearly knows the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth!

    P.P.S. May God Bless, Professor Skiff!

    P.P.P.S. May God Bless, Ben Stein, Too!

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