ASM anyone?

Back from Mongolia (photos here for anyone interested), but heading off across the country this weekend for this year’s American Society for Microbiology general meeting in Boston, then down to Connecticut for some reunion-ating. I just wanted to draw your attention (especially those of you planning to head to ASM, or already in the Boston […]

Front row seat for hand, foot, and mouth disease in Asia

I’m taking a quick hiatus from my hiatus. I mentioned that I had quite a bit of travel upcoming, and I happen to be in the midst of my first trip. However, it just so happens that where I’ve landed–Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia–is experiencing an outbreak of hand, foot, and mouth disease in kids, caused by Enterovirus-71. […]

On Hiatus

May and the first week of June bring an R01 deadline and 2 weeks of travel, and I’m trying to get 2 more manuscripts out the door by the first of June. To minimize distractions, I’m closing up shop here for about 5 weeks. I’m also mulling about a new comment moderation policy; I’m tired […]