Summer reading 3: Good Germs, Bad Germs by Jessica Snyder Sachs

Balance is a tricky thing to find in area, and medicine is notorious for its trade-offs. A drug that may make you well in the long run may also have side effects that make taking the medicine difficult. Even drugs that we often think of as typically innocuous, such as antibiotics, can have an enormous […]

Summer reading 2: Richard Preston’s “Panic in Level 4”

I had ended up with a ratty old piece of Army gear, a space suit that belonged to nobody A little voice started speaking in my head. What are you doing here? the voice said. You’re in an Ebola lab in a fucking defective space suit. I started to feel giddy. It was an intoxicating […]

Summer reading 1: Lauri Lebo’s “Devil in Dover”

Many of you probably followed the 2005 “Kitzmiller vs. Dover” trial in Dover, Pennsylvania closely. From its early days, with daily updates at the Panda’s Thumb to the publication of the ruling–“Kitzmas”— in late December, the trial was filled with drama and moments right out of the movies. From the defendants’ remarkable lying on the […]

As the waters recede…what now?

Here in the Iowa City-Cedar Rapids corridor, the waters have been going down for several days, and people are being allowed back into their homes and businesses to begin assessing the damage and cleaning up what remains. However, while the dangers from the initial flooding are receding along with the waters, the clean-up and aftermath […]

Flooding update–and why pandemic preparedness is paying off

Photo of Cedar Rapids, Iowa The university has now canceled all classes through June 22nd, and told all “non-essential” employees to stay home. The town is almost impossible to navigate as bridges across the river have closed one by one. And it’s not only in town; interstate 80 and 380 both have closed in places, […]