Dinosaur soft tissue–just bacterial biofilm?

An interesting new paper is just out today in PLoS ONE. You recall the announcement a few years back that soft tissue that resembled organic tissue had been isolated from a Tyrannosaurus femur. This started off a huge controversy in the field (and beyond)–researchers disagreeing with each other whether the structures seen were indeed blood […]

Helicobacter pylori: an introduction

Helicobacter pylori is, by bacteriological standards, a relative newcomer to medicine. Although its pathogenesis has been studied for only about the past 20 years, there are reports from as far back as the late 19th century of small, helical bacteria in the stomachs of some patients. Largely these anecdotal reports were relegated to the “hmm, […]

Field work 101…a crash course for my summer students

As I’ve mentioned, this has been a busy year. In the span of 3 months, 3 small grants were funded; enough to keep me busy for the next year. Though my training prior to arriving here was almost exclusively in bench microbiology (mostly molecular microbiology/molecular epidemiology), I knew when I took my current job that […]

In the field…

Back out swabbing today (noses this time, not asses). Heading out with 3 grad students who’ve never done field work before, so should be a fun day. Meanwhile, just got another manuscript submitted last night; that makes four currently under review with still a few other in draft. In the meantime, don’t feel [or feed–TS] […]

“Sizzle” tries, but fizzles

So, as you’ve probably heard and read around here on Scienceblogs and elsewhere, filmmaker Randy Olson has made a new film about climate change. It’s billed as a “mockumentary,” and it’s certainly a mock…something. There are several nuggets of good stuff in the movie, but they unfortunately get lost in the distractions. More after the […]

How much does a flood cost a city?

How about over a billion dollars in Cedar Rapids (where flooding affected 9.2 square miles–roughly 1/7th of the city) alone? City officials last night estimated the cost to clean up and repair or replace flood-damaged city buildings and other infrastructure at $504 million. In addition, the officials estimated that it would cost another $810 million […]