Radio silence…please stand by…

I know I have many promised posts, and I’ll get to them one day. Alas, the family and day job come before blogging, and I’ve been swamped with ongoing projects, grant applications, and manuscripts. I’ve been so busy, in fact, that revere over at Effect Measure beat me to the punch on my own upcoming paper, looking at antibodies to Streptococcus suis in Iowa swine workers. The paper is scheduled for the December issue of Emerging Infectious Diseases, but the unedited draft is already up in their ahead of print section. As revere already has a good overview of the paper, I’ll just point you there rather than re-hash everything. (For a bit of a review of Strep suis, I have an overview post here.)

I’ll likely have little time to do any updates here until January, but you can always find out what’s going on with emerging diseases here in Iowa by checking out our redesigned center homepage, or signing up for our Facebook group. We take new interns 3 times a year, so if you know students who’d want to gain some experience, drop us a line…

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  1. So when you discovered revere’s scoop, did you call him a swine?! Was his review only sow-sow?

    I’ll leave the rest of the bad puns for other commenters!

  2. Welcome back, Tara! You’ve been missed, but no sweat: family and work definitely trump blogging. I will check out those links, thanks.

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