Tenured and promoted!

Received the official letter from the Provost–the Board of Regents approved my application for tenure and promotion to Associate Professor.

The process here started last summer. My dossier (with my course syllabi, statements on teaching/research/service, student and peer evaluations of my teaching, copies of academic papers and funded grant applications, my CV, and a few other random bits and pieces) was submitted last August. Letters quickly went out to external reviewers. Departmental review was held in November. Collegiate review finished in January. From there, my Dean had to approve, then the Provost, and finally the Board of Regents gave it the final stamp of approval.

To celebrate, I’ve been spending the last few days in the lab with a student, working on a project involving banked diarrheal samples that is every bit as gross as it sounds. Who knew feces could be such a fluorescent orange…