Tuesday reads

A few other topics readers here may appreciate:

First and foremost, this week’s Grand Rounds can be found over at Over my med body!. Next week, however, it will be hosted right here at Aetiology for the second time, so send your posts along to me (aetiology AT gmail DOT com), preferably by Sunday evening.

Pediatric Grand Rounds also had a new edition over the weekend, which can be found over at Shinga’s Breath Spa for Kids.

National Geographic’s July cover story is on malaria–a really good read. (via Panda’s Thumb).

Matt Nisbet was late to the scientists and journalists conversation. He offers quite a few references that he’s used on the topic previously.

Orac has much more information on the Uncommon Descent silliness I mentioned yesterday.

Grand Rounds 3.38

I’m on the road today, literally–driving from Iowa to Ohio with kids and dogs in tow. (Well, okay, not exactly in tow–I do allow them to ride *inside* the car). I have a post scheduled for a bit later, but in the meantime, hop on over and check out not one, but two versions of this week’s Grand Rounds. For you minimalists, click here; whereas if you want a bit more meat with your post descriptions, check out this version instead.

Not sure when I’ll next have a chance to get online, so I apologize in advance for any comments that get hung up in the junk filter…I’ll pull them out as soon as I’m able.

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Latest carnivals

This week’s Grand Rounds is a real treat. Rather than just being a “best of” writing for the recent week, contributors were asked to dig through the archives and send in the posts that best defined their blog, a sample of their best writing (in their own opinion, of course). Check out the results here at Impacted Nurse.

A new Tangled Bank is also up today. You can find it at Geek Counterpoint.

Just got back from dinner with a bunch of sciencebloggers and other sciencey folks; more on that tomorrow!

Latest edition of Pediatric Grand Rounds

…check it out over at Ami Chopine–thanks to Shinga for sending along my entry on a little boy’s brush with death following his father’s smallpox vaccination. Lots of excellent posts collected over there; check em out.

However, what may be the most notable, well, note, is that Dr. Flea has flown the coop. There are a collection of posts on the situation at the beginning of this week’s PGR; I’ll just join others in hoping that once his legal issues have blown over, Dr. Flea will be back–he is missed.

Travelin’ again, and Grand Rounds

I’m in DC again at the American Institute of Biological Sciences meeting, hearing all about evolutionary biology and human health. It’s been busy, but yesterday I ran into fellow sciencebloggers Chris Mooney (who was giving his “Framing science” talk along with Matt Nisbet, who I didn’t have a chance to meet). I also saw Jason Rosenhouse and got to chat with him for a few minutes. More sessions today, then back to Iowa…

In the meantime, this week’s Grand Rounds, the weekly medical blogging carnival, is up over at Medical Humanities.