Another advantage of blogging

As you may have noticed from the extended radio silence, it’s been a busy few months between classes (both taking them and giving them), tenure packaging, and research. To add another responsibility to the mix, I gave a talk a few weeks back at the National Institute for Animal Agriculture’s annual symposium. This year, the […]

On the value of pseudonyms

Our new Scienceblogs overlords sure have great timing with their new pseudonymous blogging rules. For those who haven’t run across that yet, National Geographic has decided to eliminate pseudonyms and force everyone with a blog remaining here (which is already dwindling) to blog under their real names. Meanwhile, out here in the real world, there’s […]

Freaks of Nature and Bridgeless Gaps

Readers from waaaay back may recall an event I helped out with a few years ago, bringing together scientists, philosophers, and our resident IDist to discuss evolution and intelligent design. One of the speakers was University of Iowa professor Mark Blumberg, a colleague in the Department of Psychology. Dr. Blumberg also happens to be a […]

Academic blogging: addressing criticisms

Thanks again to those who blogged, commented or emailed regarding our PLoS Biology manuscript. Nick already has his own response here, highlighting posts such as Larry’s, Blake’s, Drug Monkey’s, Thomas’, and Carlo’s. Several criticisms ran along the same lines: that, as Nick notes, “that further institutionalizing blogs risks compromising their inherent spontaneous and independent ‘blogginess’”. […]

Scienceblogs Millionth comment party–Iowa City fiesta

As today’s Scienceblogs homepage notes, we’ve now reached over 1,000,000 comments. To celebrate, bloggers are throwing shindigs across the country. Ours is now officially set as well. We’ll be screening “Flock of Dodos” on Monday, Sept. 22nd at 7PM in Kollros auditorium (Biology Building East, room 101). After the movie, we’ll retreat somewhere (location TBA) […]

Microbiologists: be your own media

Chris Condayan, ASM’s public outreach and media guru (and the guy behind the scenes of MicrobeWorld), has an editorial in the latest issue of Nature Reviews Microbiology. Cleverly titled “Culture media,” Condayan encourages microbiologists to get involved sharing their knowledge online (and gives examples of ways they can do so). He notes: As long as […]

Back (barely) from the NC Science Blogging Conference

As I mentioned previously, I spent the weekend in North Carolina discussing blogging, science, medicine, and other sundry topics with about 200 other bloggers and interested folks at the 2008 Science Blogging Conference. The sessions were excellent, and I loved the “unconference” format. Science writer Becky Oskin and I ran a session on “Blogging public […]

What do you get when you mix….

… (L-R) Scienceblogs’ own rabblerouser, PZ Myers; Phil Plait of Bad Astronomy; myself; and birthday boy Evil Monkey, along with a host of other science bloggers and readers (including some self-identified in the comments in PZ’s and Phil’s posts)? A nerdalicious Saturday evening in DC, that’s what. We arrived a bit late and so missed […]