Countdown to YearlyKos

Busy week for me. I’m preparing a talk for a conference next month with the longest title ever: The International Conference on Diseases in Nature Communicable to Man. (Basically, a conference on zoonotic disease.) I’ll be speaking about my research on Streptococcus suis, and hopefully meeting many other colleagues during the conference.

More immediately, however, I’ll be busy at Yearly Kos in Chicago, at the McCormick convention center. This Thursday, I’ll be moderating the Science bloggers caucus, at 4:30 in room 106a. Friday, I’ll moderate the Science panel, featuring fellow science bloggers Chris Mooney and Ed Brayton, along with Sean Carroll of Cosmic Variance. This will start at 2:30 on Friday in rooms 403a-b. As an added bonus, Chris will be signing his new book after the panel, and blogger Lindsay Beyerstein of Majikthise will be on hand snapping pictures. Be sure to stop in if you’re heading to YearlyKos…

ASM’s MicrobeWorld features science bloggers

I mentioned back in May that myself and a group of science bloggers went and got ourselves interviewed by Chris Condayan of The American Society for Microbiology’s MicrobeWorld. Well, the video (“Microblogology”) is up, featuring fellow U of Iowan John Logsdon, Jonathan Badger, Yersinia, Elio Schaechter, and Larry Moran.

From the blurb: “Six science bloggers talk about why they blog, the role of blogging in science, feedback they’ve received and the greatest microbiological discovery in the past decade.” I’m including the video after the jump; just be warned that I talk *really* fast and tend to be a bit animated when I’m not consciously slowing myself down. (As I mentioned before, this is why I tend to stick to print media!).

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Creation museum—more posts from the gang

I mentioned that a whole group of us went to the Creation Museum in Kentucky. Professor Steve Steve has his account now up at the Thumb, while Jason Rosenhouse has a two-parter at EvolutionBlog, and Wes Elsberry’s account is here. Oh, and a group picture:

Rear, L to R: Evil Monkey, Richard Hoppe (“RBH”), Wes Elsberry, Andrea “I’m Italian, not female!” Bottaro, Jason Rosenhouse, and Art Hunt. Front row: RBH’s wife (whose name I didn’t catch, sorry!); journalist Lauri Lebo; me; Professor Steve Steve, and Art’s daughter (and Steve Steve’s kind tour guide), Amy Hunt.

Koufax awards–back from the dead!

Via Bora, I see that the Koufax awards are back up and running. All of the categories (I think) can be found at this link. Aetiology was nominated in two that I noticed: best series (for the emerging diseases and zoonoses series–now up to 27 posts) and most deserving of wider recognition. Scienceblogs is also up for best blog community, and many science bloggers here and elsewhere are nominated in the various categories as well, so be sure to browse and check out all the nominees. I’m not sure when voting will open, but I’ll keep y’all posted….

Science bloggers storm Toronto!

As I mentioned, last night I took a break and went out for dinner and conversation with a wonderful group of science bloggers. Larry Moran of Sandwalk (not pictured) was good enough to arrange it all, and we met up in his office (home of the Talk.Origins server). Joining us were (left to right) Mona of ScienceNotes; Jonathan Badger of T. Taxus, who works at TIGR the J. Craig Venter Institute; Andrew of Mixotrophy (which, OK, is just a placeholder for now, but he’s a reader and commenter on many blogs); fellow University of Iowan John Logsdon, Eva of Eastern Blot (not pictured) and Chris Condayan of ASM’s MicrobeWorld (also not pictured, as he was off interviewing Eva).

You can find more photos by clicking the links above (including one at Larry’s with Eva and Chris; meanwhile, Larry is pictured in pics over at Mona’s and Jonathan’s). Finally, Chris interviewed all of us for an upcoming videocast from MicrobeWorld, so I’ll let y’all know when that’s up*…

*Depending on the results and how totally idiotic I sound, that is…there’s a reason why I stick to print media……

Latest edition of Pediatric Grand Rounds

…check it out over at Ami Chopine–thanks to Shinga for sending along my entry on a little boy’s brush with death following his father’s smallpox vaccination. Lots of excellent posts collected over there; check em out.

However, what may be the most notable, well, note, is that Dr. Flea has flown the coop. There are a collection of posts on the situation at the beginning of this week’s PGR; I’ll just join others in hoping that once his legal issues have blown over, Dr. Flea will be back–he is missed.

Travelin’ again, and Grand Rounds

I’m in DC again at the American Institute of Biological Sciences meeting, hearing all about evolutionary biology and human health. It’s been busy, but yesterday I ran into fellow sciencebloggers Chris Mooney (who was giving his “Framing science” talk along with Matt Nisbet, who I didn’t have a chance to meet). I also saw Jason Rosenhouse and got to chat with him for a few minutes. More sessions today, then back to Iowa…

In the meantime, this week’s Grand Rounds, the weekly medical blogging carnival, is up over at Medical Humanities.

YearlyKos science panel update

….or, where I impersonate PZ.

As PZ noted last month, he was tapped to moderate the science caucus at YearlyKos, featuring fellow Sciencebloggers Chris Mooney and Ed Brayton, along with Cosmic Variance’s Sean Carroll. However, PZ had to go and get himself some other plans, and I was fortunate enough to be chosen to step in. It’s still early, so I’m brainstorming and have read the comments at Pharyngula and DailyKos regarding what everyone would like to get out of the science sessions at YearlyKos, but in case you didn’t see either of those threads the first time around, or if you did but have additional ideas, feel free to toss them out here. Since it’s YearlyKos, we’re looking at the intersection of science, blogging, mainstream journalism, and politics, so any of that is fair game…