Is the HPV vaccine “weak science?” (Hint: no)

Oh, Discover. You’re such a tease. You have Ed and Carl and Razib and Phil and Sean, an (all-male, ahem) cluster of science bloggy goodness. But then you also fawn over HIV deniers Lynn Margulis and Peter Duesberg. Why can’t you just stick with the science and keep the denial out?* But no, now they’ve […]

BBC apologizes for promotion of misleading HIV denial film, “Guinea Pig Kids”

For those of you who might not brave the comments threads on any HIV post, you may have missed this tidbit of information. I’ve written about “investigative journalist” Liam Scheff previously; he’s an HIV “dissident” and author of a story from a few years back titled “The House that AIDS Built”. In this, he claimed […]

The discovery of highly virulent XDR-TB

XDR-TB has been in the news quite a bit lately, largely thanks to Andrew Speaker’s notoriety. Even though his TB was later re-classified as “just” multi-drug resistant (MDR-TB) instead of the initial extremely drug resistant (XDR) type, it did serve to raise awareness about the issues public health authorities face when dealing with something like […]

Antivirals as a treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome?

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is one of those nebulous diseases that’s really more of a diagnosis of exclusion than anything else. As the name suggests, it’s characterized by overwhelming fatigue–often so much so that patients can barely get out of bed–as well as a number of non-specific symptoms, including weakness, muscle pain, and insomnia. Currently, […]

STDs and circumcision update

If the last circumcision post caused a lot of heat, this news is likely to cause even more of an uproar worldwide. From NBC News comes word that the NIH will be announcing shortly that they’re stopping two trials looking at circumcision and HIV in Africa, because the intervention group (those who were circumcised) show […]

The failure of alternative medicine

I previously blogged an editorial by NBC medical correspondent Robert Bazell, where he told scientists to “quit whining” about intelligent design and instead work on teaching “values.” While I agreed with him there on the science (he made it clear he gave no respect to “intelligent design” and other types of creationism), his suggestion that […]

“Scaling up”

One catchphrase that permeated the conference this past week was “scaling up.” I just want to wrap up my posting here with a brief discussion of what that is, and what that means as far as HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment. Readers who are scientists or who have some kind of science background will probably be […]

Mommy knows best…in this case, at least

If you’re a parent, I’m sure you’ve had all kinds of people give you advice in myriad different areas. Many of them may be in-laws or friends or relatives with children themselves; or they might be strangers in the street with brilliant (or, not-so-intelligent) ideas on how to get your kid to stop throwing a […]

Magnets “zap” headaches

…according to a new Nature News story. Migraine sufferers might soon be able to block an imminent attack using a device that targets the brain with a powerful magnetic field. The technique, called transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), triggers activity in the brain’s nerve cells and is already being tested as a way to treat depression. […]

The potential of papilloma virus vaccines

I discussed the so-called “cervical cancer vaccine,” a multivalent vaccine protective against several strains of the human papilloma virus previously here. In the new issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, there’s a perspective on the vaccine, and issues surrounding it: Genital HPV infection is common, with an estimated 6.2 million new infections each […]