Apologies. I scheduled this post to appear this morning, and it’s drawn a few comments. However, it also double-posted for some reason (we underwent an upgrade last night so things have been a bit wonky), and when I unpublished the duplicate, it also took the comments from the site. (I can see them here in the back end, and they say they’re published, but they’re not showing up to readers). I’ve alerted our technical guru, because unfortunately I don’t have time to deal with this today.

I was never the prom queen type, anyway

So, the buzz on ScienceBlogs today is science blogger hot or not. It cracks me up that a few people have mentioned me and thanks y’all, but I was always more comfortable with my identity as a quiz bowl nerd anyway (and apparently a picture on technorati was the inclusion criteria, which I never bothered with). Plus, I hear Shelley weilds a mean scepter…

And just an FYI…heading to a three-day conference on virulence mechanisms in bacterial pathogens tomorrow and have grant deadlines next week (in addition to teaching duties), so science-heavy posting will likely be sparse until later in the month. I have a lot of interesting topics in the queue, but haven’t had the time to give them the consideration they deserve.


…or, really, another swing to Ohio to drop off the kids. Their school-based daycare ended today, so I’m currently somewhere in a little place on Lake Huron to camp for two days, then I’ll be in Ohio for a few hours to drop them off with relatives, and then back to Iowa on Monday. I have a few posts scheduled, and as always, any comments caught in the spam filter will have to wait until I’m back online after the weekend–apologies in advance.


(The title should, of course, be hummed to the tune of “Strokin’…”)

I’m out playing with cows again this afternoon. In the meantime, a few good posts from elsewhere:

Ed talks about the excuses Dembski’s given for why research into intelligent design isn’t being done.

Revere notes a cull of 50,000 dogs in China due to rabies. He notes:

We’ve gotten pretty used to the idea that if H5N1 appears in birds it is legitimate to slaughter birds wholesale within a certain distance of the infected flock. In the west, birds are kept as caged pets by some people but not huge numbers. In Indonesia and other countries, however, birds are the kinds of companion animals that dogs and cats are here. Keep that in mind when you consider this story.

And this is true. But at least we have an effective vaccine for rabies, and it ain’t transmissible between people. Culling any animal population is a shame, but this one was so completely preventable…doubly sad.

Programming note

Just a note, since yesterday’s post on Gallagher generated a lot of comments. I have a few posts on tap today (well, really tomorrow, as I’m writing this Thursday evening), but they’re all scheduled and I’m not near a computer (and won’t be until late this afternoon). So should there be some blow-up or comments stuck in the spam filter, my apologies, but I won’t be around to tend to them until the end of the day today.

Sick kid day

Even a microbiologist can’t keep her kids well 100% of the time. Have a post scheduled for later today but that’ll be it; hopefully things will be back to normal tomorrow. In the meantime, check out the newest edition of Pediatric Grand Rounds.


7 days, over 2000 miles, and 32+ hours on the road (half of it with 2 kids and a dog). I need a vacation from my vacation. Thanks to most of you for your patience; I see I’ve already been accused of “censorship” for not being around to approve some comments that got stuck in the junk filter, but everything has now been published and I’m working my way through the rest of the comments (and catching up on emails, reading, lab work, etc.) Have a few posts in the works for today and tomorrow but they’ll likely be without any heavy science; I’ll get back into that again next week.

On the road again…

It’s “vacation”–sort of. Thanks to the magic of scheduled posts, even as this pops up I’m probably somewhere in central Illinois at the moment. I’ll be in Ohio for a few days to play with my new nephews, and yet a third new nephew who was just born this past weekend. Then it’s off to D.C. for a few days, Ohio again, and then back to Iowa, jiggity jig. In the meantime, I have a number of posts scheduled, (and, hey, here’s a Grand Rounds to keep you busy as well), but I won’t be around often to clear any comments that get sent to the spam filter, or respond to questions or comments. I will, however, pop in tonight or early tomorrow to set up tomorrow’s edition of Animalcules, so this is your last chance to send in your entries!


I was off this weekend, so I’ve just now published some of the comments that got caught in the junk filter. My apologies to the authors–contrary to what at least one of you mentioned, I’m not censoring you, and a few comments I agree with also got stuck. Swamped today, but I’ll have some new material up tomorrow. In the meantime, I encourage you to browse ye olde blogroll or the scienceblogs main page for some excellent posts elsewhere.

Let’s talk about me

Sorry in advance about the shameless self-promotion. As mentioned, I’m hosting Grand Rounds next week (so be sure to get your entries in). Each week, the originator of the carnival, Dr. Nicolas Genes, posts a bit about the host on Medscape (“Pre-Rounds”); here’s my interview for anyone interested.

Additionally, for those of you in the Iowa City area, I’ll be speaking at this month’s Cafe Scientifique (the final one of the year) on the topic “Avian Influenza: What’s The Big Deal?” The details:

Time: Thursday, 11 May 2006 5:00 – 6:00 PM

Cottage Bakery and Cafe, 14 S. Linn St.

Stop by and say hello if you’re in the neighborhood.