The great ScienceBlogger Nerd-off

So, Janet’s thrown down the gauntlet, noting that “the time has come to see just how high those geek flags fly.” She’s already collected a bunch of them here, so for my own, I’ll submit a few anecdotes. First, admittedly, I know jack shit about computers, so I absolutely lose in that category. But, I’ve already taught both of my kids how to swab their cheek cells and gram stain the collected bacteria, along with a bunch of other nerdy experiments I mentioned here.

Additionally, PZ added a second layer of competition–the nerd photo pic. He thinks this one (at the bottom) takes the cake. I scoff and remind readers of this pic (I’ll repost it after the fold here as well, along with a few more anecdotes). Self-cut hair, giant glasses, rash, missing teeth and pajamas trumps 70s porn star moustache anyday as far as nerd pictures go.
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I was never the prom queen type, anyway

So, the buzz on ScienceBlogs today is science blogger hot or not. It cracks me up that a few people have mentioned me and thanks y’all, but I was always more comfortable with my identity as a quiz bowl nerd anyway (and apparently a picture on technorati was the inclusion criteria, which I never bothered with). Plus, I hear Shelley weilds a mean scepter…

And just an FYI…heading to a three-day conference on virulence mechanisms in bacterial pathogens tomorrow and have grant deadlines next week (in addition to teaching duties), so science-heavy posting will likely be sparse until later in the month. I have a lot of interesting topics in the queue, but haven’t had the time to give them the consideration they deserve.

Waitress does the mathematically impossible; IDers called in to investigate

So, msnbc has a story about a waitress who was given her own–previously stolen–driver’s license from a customer who was trying to prove she was 21.

The 22-year-old waitress, whose name was not released, called police last week and said she had been handed her own stolen driver’s license by a woman trying to prove she was 21. The woman, who became suspicious of the delay as the waitress went to call police, fled the Moosehead Saloon, but her companion provided her name.

Clearly, this is a case of supernatural intervention, aka “design,” as evidenced by this quote from a local police officer:
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