Saturday roundup

Just a few things that have either been sitting in my drafts box and I know I won’t have a chance to get to, or stuff I saw elsewhere that deserves a mention.

Check out this excellent (and hilarious) post by Skip Evans on creationists and boobies.

I’ve posted previously here about our eagles here in Iowa. Phil at the Bad Astronomy Blog gives links to 2 webcams, where you can watch the nests of eagles or peregrine falcons (another favorite bird of mine). They’ve shut down the eagle one because the eggs didn’t hatch and the parents left the nest, but there’s a fluffy white falcon chick (dozing as I currently write this up on Friday, it would seem) to entertain you.

Can human papilloma viruses be transmitted via blood? Maybe.

Nancy Cox, chief of the CDC’s influenza branch (and an Iowa native) was named one of Time magazine’s 100 most influential people of the year.

A commenter asked why we don’t just quarantine for avian flu. As I said, it’s not that simple. However, Iowa and other states are broadening their quarantine powers to allow them to do what’s necessary in the event of any serious, transmissible infectious disease.

A vaccine may be able to protect from death with Marburg and Ebola, even if administered after infection.

In other infectious disease news, new research suggests a reason why many ape species are more resistant to autoimmune diseases and AIDS: a difference in expression of a protein controlling T cell activation. The work’s only been done in vitro at this point and needs further confirmation, but interesting stuff.

Wallaby milk as an antibiotic source?

I admit, I watch the Fox drama House. One episode dealt with a child faith healer; turned out his “cure” had just been a herpes virus, which shrunk her tumor. Orac and Scott discuss the science.

And finally, via coturnix, an opinion piece on nurturing success in science from the chancellor at NC State.

Finally, the tornado ad. I don’t have flash on the computers I use here, so I’ve not seen it, but here’s your chance to comment about it, if you’ve not already spoken your mind on other science blogs. I apologize for it, ’cause it sounds pretty damn annoying.

Have a good weekend!

Mentos, the fizz maker

I am soooo going to show this trick to my kids.

Candy + pop + science = perfect combination. Even better than sparking wintergreen lifesavers. (And this one doesn’t involve blowing up stuff that could actually, y’know, really harm you).

And finally, since I’ve not participated in poetry pimpin’ at Scienceblogs yet, I offer an ode to Mentos on this, the closing day of National Poetry Month:

A Mentos Poem
by Rachel from Michigan

What can I say about Mentos,
They make my life complete.
They taste nothing like pimentos,
And is why I will eat…….them.

(More about the experiment on Steve Spangler Science).