Upcoming Iowa events on evolution and intelligent design

It’s a new year, and it will be a busy one here in Iowa when it comes to evolutionary biology. I want to highlight two upcoming events: Iowa City’s first annual Darwin Day celebration featuring a lecture by Massimo Pigliucci, and an upcoming symposium on evolution and intelligent design, featuring John Haught and Wesley Elsberry. […]

Iowa Update Update–Nussle speaks out against ID in schools

Yesterday’s Ames Tribune, the paper that originally carried Republican lieutenant governor candidate Bob Vander Plaats’ comments supporting the teaching of intelligent design in schools contained an article noting Republican governor candidate Jim Nussle’s dismissal of Vander Plaats’ position:

Iowa/Vander Plaats update

I mentioned the situation with Lieutenant Governor candidate Bob Vander Plaats and his support of intelligent design last week (posts here and here). A group of us have put together an editorial discussing Vander Plaats’ position and why it matters to Iowa voters (letter and signatories can be found here at the Iowa Citizens for […]

Worse than I thought in Iowa

As one commenter at Aetiology pointed out, support for Intelligent design/creationism is included in the Republican Party of Iowa State Platform: 3.4 We support the teaching of alternative theories on the origins of life including Darwinian Evolution, Creation Science or Intelligent Design, and that each should be given equal weight in presentation. What I don’t […]

More anti-evolution rumblings in the UK

Via Dean and Science, Just Science comes this story about a new group trying to get ID into class in the UK: Parents are being encouraged to challenge their children’s science teachers over what they are explaining as the origins of life. An organisation called Truth in Science has also sent resource packs to all […]

Wells’ Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and ID, Chapter Seven: quote-mining, trivializing, and generally getting it wrong

The seventh chapter of Wells’ book could be summed up in a single sentence: “biology doesn’t need no steeekin’ evolution!” Wells argues that, because medicine and agriculture were already doing just fine prior to Darwin’s publication of Origin, clearly then, these fields (and others) haven’t benefited from an application of evolutionary principles in the time […]

Semmelweis: ID hero

You may or may not be familiar with the name Ignaz Semmelweis. It’s not one that’s typically taught to school children, like Koch or Pasteur may be. He even tends to get glossed over in upper-level biology courses. But Semmelweis was an important figure in the history of microbiology (indeed, I picked his work as […]

Do “rethinkers” ever have a point?

In the comments to this post on creationists’/HIV deniers’ (mis)use of statistics, several people have been trying to argue that because overlapping membership in the two groups is limited, my comparison of the two is false. I explained: It’s the *tactics* that are the same in both groups: misleading use of statistics as evidenced in […]

More Politically Incorrect Reviews

It’s been a busy week over at Panda’s Thumb. Three additional reviews of Jon Wells’ Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design are up: First, PT’s resident lawyer Timothy Sandefur writes about Wells’ misleading characterizations of legal cases involving intelligent design. Next, Mike Dunford discusses Wells’ chapter on speciation. Finally, Ian Musgrave tackles Wells’ […]

AIDS denial and creationism–common thread of bad statistics

Regular readers are very familiar with my refrain that many science deniers use the same tactics: bad arguments, quote-mining, appeals to authority, castigation of originators of respective theories, etc. etc. Another common thread is the complete bastardization of statistical analysis. Mark Chu-Carroll elaborates on Peter Duesberg’s misuse of statistics here, while mathematician John Allen Paulos […]