I went to college in Connecticut. Deal with it.

Perhaps because it’s college graduation and reunion time, L.V. Anderson at Slate has written a column entitled “People Still Say They ‘Went to College in Boston,’ Meaning Harvard? Please Stop Doing This.” She claims that by giving such an evasive answer, one “buy[s] into the overblown mythos of Harvard and the presumption of Ivy League superiority.” […]

Student guest posts–summer course

Years like this are rough on blogging. As previously noted, I teach an every-other-year spring course on infection and chronic disease. Well, every summer I also teach an intensive course (basically a semester crammed into a week) on the topic of applied infectious disease epidemiology: taking what’s known about ID epi and learning how to […]

In the field…

Back out swabbing today (noses this time, not asses). Heading out with 3 grad students who’ve never done field work before, so should be a fun day. Meanwhile, just got another manuscript submitted last night; that makes four currently under review with still a few other in draft. In the meantime, don’t feel [or feed–TS] […]